Career and Technical Education
Employablity/Careers CTE22152 9-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingFall Foundational Course for any Career Cluster
Employablity/Careers CTE22152 (repeat)9-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingOngoing
Foundations of CTE221509-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingSpring
Foundations of CTE CTE22150 (repeat)9-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingOngoing
Senior Experience 8001912BlackboardCindy NagelFall Capstone Course for any Career Cluster
Senior Experience 80019 (repeat of fall)12BlackboardCindy NagelSpring
Youth Internships 8001812BlackboardCindy NagelFall
Youth Internships 80018 (repeat of fall)12BlackboardCindy NagelSpring
Entrepreneurship CTE1205310-12BlackboardAnnika RussellSpring Architecture; Finance; Marketing; Business; Health Science; Hosp & Tourism; Manufacturing; Transportation Dist & Logistics
Accounting I CTE1210410-12BlackboardAnnika RussellYear Business Management & Admin; Finance; Hosp & Tourism; Human Services; Marketing
Accounting II CTE1210811-12BlackboardAnnika RussellYear Business; Finance
Health Science Careers I CTE1400110-12BlackboardDianne RiderFall Health Science
Health Science Careers I CTE14001 (repeat of fall) 10-12BlackboardDianne RiderSpring
Health Science Careers II CTE1400210-12BlackboardDianne RiderFall
Health Science Careers II CTE14002 (repeat of fall)10-12BlackboardDianne RiderSpring
Introduction to Medical Laboratory CTE1410210-12BlackboardBrenda MerkelFall
Introduction to Medical Laboratory CTE14102 (repeat)10-12BlackboardBrenda MerkelSpring
Introduction to Sports Medicine (CTE14062)11-12BlackboardClayton GropperFall
Introduction to Sports Medicine (CTE14062) (repeat)11-12BlackboardClayton GropperSpring
Medical Terminology CTE1415410-12BlackboardLori SombkeFall
Medical Terminology CTE14154 (repeat of fall) 10-12BlackboardLori SombkeSpring
Pharmacy Technician CTE1415212BlackboardBrenda MerkelYear
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism CTE1600110-12BlackboardSuzanne SkinnerFall Hospitality & Tourism
Hospitality and Tourism Management CTE1600210-12BlackboardEllen HohbachSpring
Restaurant Management/Culinary Arts I (CTE16053) (Sem 1)11-12BlackboardLakisha JordanYear
Restaurant Management/Culinary Arts I (CTE16053) (Sem 2)11-12BlackboardLakisha JordanSpring
Web Publishing & Design CTE1020110-12BlackboardDeb GiblinFall Arts, A/V Tech & Comm; Marketing; Business; Information Technology
Digital Animation 1020510-12BlackboardJanet NicolausSpring Arts, A/V Tech & Com; IT
Fundamental Animal Science CTE1810110-12BlackboardLori TonakFall Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Fundamental of Animal Science CTE18101 (repeat of fall)10-12BlackboardLori TonakSpring
Agribusiness Entrepreneurship CTE1820210-12BlackboardLori TonakSpring
Agribusiness Entrepreneurship CTE18202 (repeat of fall)10-2BlackboardLori TonakSpring
Wildlife & Fisheries (CTE18501)9-12BlackboardLori ChristensenFall
Wildlife & Fisheries (CTE18501) (repeat of fall)9-12BlackboardLori ChristensenSpring
Wildlife & Fisheries CTE18501 (repeat)10-12BlackboardLori ChristensenOngoing
Skills for Parenting CTE2220410-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingSpring Human Services
Human Development: Prenatal to Toddlers CTE1905210-12BlackboardJean ClarkeFall
Human Development: Adolescence to Adult (CTE19261)10-12BlackboardJean ClarkeSpring Human Services, Education & Training
Human Development: Preschool to School Age CTE1905110-12BlackboardJean ClarkeSpring Human Services; Education & Training
Teaching & Training as a Profession CTE1915210-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingYear
Introduction to Education & Training CTE1915110-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingFall Education & Training
Introduction to Education & Training CTE19151 (repeat)10-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingSpring
Introduction to Education & Training CTE19151 (repeat)10-12BlackboardCharlotte MohlingOngoing
General Service Technician CTE20104 (Sem 1)11-12OnlineDave ReulandFall Transportation Distribution & Logistics
General Service Technician 20104 (Sem 2)11-12OnlineDave ReulandSpring
Intro to Building Trades CTE17002 (Semester 1)9-12BlackboardErik PersonFall Architecture & Construction
Intro to Building Trades CTE17002 (Semester 2)9-12BlackboardErik PersonSpring
Fine Arts
Creative Art - Comprehensive 05154 (Sem 1)9-12BlackboardTina Novotny/Kate WittFall
Creative Art - Comprehensive 05154 (Sem 1) (repeat)9-12BlackboardKate WittSpring
Creative Art - Comprehensive 05154 (Sem 2)9-12BlackboardTina Novotny/Kate WittSpring
Digital Photography 0516710-12BlackboardKate WittFall
Digital Photography 05167 (repeat of fall)10-12BlackboardKate WittSpring
Graphic Design 05162 10-12BlackboardTina Novotny Fall
Graphic Design 05162 (repeat of fall)10-12BlackboardTina Novotny Spring
Mixed Media Studies 051749-12BlackboardTina Novotny Spring
Music History/Appreciation 05118 (Sem 1)9-12BlackboardSusan PorterFall
Music History/Appreciation 05118 (Sem 2)9-12BlackboardSusan PorterSpring
Health Education/Physical Education
Health Education 0805110-12BlackboardEllen HohbachFall
Health Education 08051 (repeat of fall)10-12BlackboardEllen HohbachSpring
Language Arts
Speech I 0115110-12BlackboardMarsha CutlerFall
Speech I 01151 (repeat of fall)10-12BlackboardMarsha CutlerSpring
Creative Writing 0110410-11BlackboardJohn FoubergOngoing
Personal Finance/Economics
Personal Finance 2221010-12BlackboardAnnika RussellFall Foundational Course for any Career Cluster
Anatomy & Physiology 03053 (Semester 1)11-12BlackboardTracy MoodyFall
Anatomy & Physiology 03053 (Semester 2)11-12BlackboardTracy MoodySpring
Middle School CTE Offerings
7th Grade Exploratory FACS - 1 Qtr, 1/4 Credit7BlackboardCharlotte MohlingFall
7th Grade Exploratory FACS - 1 Qtr, 1/4 Credit (repeat)7BlackboardCharlotte MohlingSpring
8th Grade Exploratory FACS - 1 Qtr, 1/4 Credit8BlackboardCharlotte MohlingFall
8th Grade Exploratory FACS - 1 Qtr, 1/4 Credit (repeat)8BlackboardCharlotte MohlingSpring

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