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The Mid Central Special Education Department strives to ensure appropriate individualized educational and related service needs to children with disabilities who attend our fourteen member schools.  Our special education staff consists of highly qualified professionals who believe all children should have the chance to reach their potential.


Special Education and related services providers include:

Speech Language Patholgists whose goal is to identify and address a communication disorder so that it does not impede academic achievement or interfere with the ability to interact with teachers and peers.

Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists look at certain fine or gross motor skills which may interfere with a child's educational performance.  These areas can be addressed through a variety of intervention strategies, which may include direct therapy with the child, consultation with the teacher, modification of the environment, provision of adaptive equipment, or staff training.

School Psychologists work with students, parents, and teachers to promote academic, emotional, and behavioral success.  Their skills enable them to offer comprehensive psychological evaluations, as well as consult with school personnel in relation to students' learning, behavior, and environments.

Early Childhood Special Educator services as a consultant for schools and models techniques by providing direct services in order to implement IEPs for young children with disabilities in a variety of settings, including the preschool, the child's home, and, when appropriate, other settings that provide services to children (i.e. child care, Head Start, etc.).  Also acts as a member of the interdisciplinary team when designing/delivering services to young children with disabilities.

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